The Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake

These are it. The ultimate vanilla cupcake. Fluffy and light with an explosive flavor, this cupcake is the secret cupcake that I talked about in my post yesterday about Vanilla Bean Buttercream. The original recipe was tested by 50 “Explorers”, and then approved by a 2/3 majority. In other words, which means that over 33 individuals have tested and considered this to be the ultimate cupcake recipe.

This experiment was initiated by the Cupcake Project. Check out the process and recipe of the ultimate vanilla cupcake here.

Heres some statistics. I doubled the batch and made 32 of these cupcakes. Rarely do I ever follow a recipe exactly when it comes to technique, but for these babies I did. Out of the 15 people who had a cupcake, 12 had it day one and 3 had it day two. All 15 people loved the cupcake. Multiple people stated that it had the best frosting they’ve had in their life.

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Vanilla Bean Buttercream

This independence day, I was determined to do something that would set the bars high for myself. In other words (for my friends at least) I promised everyone cupcakes for fourth of July. This was a small problem for me. When you’re entertaining a group of college students each with strikingly picky taste buds, and preferring a different pallet of flavors, it becomes increasingly difficult to find something that will please everyone.

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Bitter Chocolate Macaron

My fascination for macarons began summer after high school. I was interning as my real-estate-agent-of-an-aunt’s secretary. In the early afternoon, we visited some relatives who were leasing a studio. They had just moved into a unique 4 story town house/condo complex in Pasadena.  It was through them, I found my favorite pastry. Two years later, I’ve returned to share my joy and what drew me to macarons, the bitter chocolate macaron.

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Pierre Hermé’s Pistachio Macaron

Today I will be showing you my interpretation of Pierre Herme’s macarons. I’ve tried to keep the recipe as similar as possible to the original for my “Laudurée VS. Pierre Hermé” post. The changes include using gel food coloring instead of powder, using granulated sugar instead of caster in the syrup, and substituting almond extract for bitter almond essence.

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Laudurée Macaron Citron VS. Pierre Hermé Macaron Pistachio

Boomie’s Kitchen Macaron comparison between Laudurée and Pierre Hermé

One cannot be a true macaron connoisseur without having heard the brands Laudreé or Pierre Hermé. Both highly regarded bakeries for the macaron, they have different approaches both in methodology and ideology. There is a lot of discussion between who’s macaron reigns supreme. I decided to take on the ultimate challenge of reproducing both recipes in my own kitchen and deciding for myself. Understanding that I won’t be able to produce the exact same results, I’ve decided that today I will be focusing on the shell of the macaron and developing my stance on the “Pierre Hermé vs Laudreé” issue based off of their unique techniques.

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Photo Guide: No-Fail Creme Brûlée

Hearing the name “Creme Brûlée” invokes a series of different emotions in different people. The wide range of reactions to Creme Brûlée include ” brew what?” to “Isn’t that just failed flan?”. The seemingly fancy dessert is really just a facade to a simple burnt cream.

To me, creme brûlée signifies simplicity and spontaneity. I tend to fall back on creme brûlée when I need a dessert for any dinner occasion. The sweetness of the creamy custard is contrasted with the depth of the crispy caramelized sugar creating a multiplicity of aromas, flavors, textures, and emotions.

Yesterday, I went with my good friend Trishala to visit her roommate Sara on a road trip. This marked the beginning of my spring break and also the start of a much needed getaway. One goal of the road trip was to create a dessert that would signify the success of the trip. Finally settling on creme brûlée, I also decided that it was finally time for me to invest in a torch. Yes. That was no typo. Finally.

My friends Trish and Sara

For those of you new to this dessert, it can be separated into two different components, a rich custard base, or the “creme” and a crunchy caramelized sugar top, or the “brûlée”. The brûlée   has been marketed to be produced with a torch. Now that I have most of my readers equally confused, I’ll start making my point.

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