Review: Merely Sweets’ Macarons

I don’t typically review restaurants, bakeries, purchases, or pretty much anything. I’ve always believed that each person will have their own opinions, especially when it comes to food. Today, however, I write this entry as a changed man.

I still remember my mixed emotions when I found out that I was going to be visiting a bakery that sold macarons. On one hand, I was filled with anticipation of purchasing my first macaron. On the other, I was afraid of ruining my self-esteem, especially when it comes to making macarons. And while these emotions followed me through the doors of Merely Sweets, a small bakery located in Brea, California, I wondered why I was hyped up over a dessert that I’ve made countless times.

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Onion-ring Eggs

I don’t get to go home a lot. This past week was my first time home in six months after being buried in what seems like mountain loads of work back at school. But I wasn’t particularly excited to go back and experience the LA heat for the coming summer. I was even less excited to think about how bored I was going to be. I was, however, excited to get a chance to finally see my little sister for the first time in six months. I was more excited to be able to make these eggs with her

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Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

To be honest, I don’t like cherry tomatoes. I hate them. They’re probably one of my least favorite ways to eat a tomato. Something about their almost sweet and tangy taste, it just doesn’t do it for me. I spent over half my childhood being force fed these tomatoes raw. I never thought that my feelings for cherry tomatoes would change

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Pierre Hermé’s Pistachio Macaron

Today I will be showing you my interpretation of Pierre Herme’s macarons. I’ve tried to keep the recipe as similar as possible to the original for my “Laudurée VS. Pierre Hermé” post. The changes include using gel food coloring instead of powder, using granulated sugar instead of caster in the syrup, and substituting almond extract for bitter almond essence.

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Laudurée Macaron Citron VS. Pierre Hermé Macaron Pistachio

Boomie’s Kitchen Macaron comparison between Laudurée and Pierre Hermé

One cannot be a true macaron connoisseur without having heard the brands Laudreé or Pierre Hermé. Both highly regarded bakeries for the macaron, they have different approaches both in methodology and ideology. There is a lot of discussion between who’s macaron reigns supreme. I decided to take on the ultimate challenge of reproducing both recipes in my own kitchen and deciding for myself. Understanding that I won’t be able to produce the exact same results, I’ve decided that today I will be focusing on the shell of the macaron and developing my stance on the “Pierre Hermé vs Laudreé” issue based off of their unique techniques.

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