Bitter Chocolate Macaron

My fascination for macarons began summer after high school. I was interning as my real-estate-agent-of-an-aunt’s secretary. In the early afternoon, we visited some relatives who were leasing a studio. They had just moved into a unique 4 story town house/condo complex in Pasadena.  It was through them, I found my favorite pastry. Two years later, I’ve returned to share my joy and what drew me to macarons, the bitter chocolate macaron.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are known to be the “cookies of America”. With over 50% of the cookies baked at home being chocolate chip cookies, there are hundreds of recipes for chocolate chip cookies each claiming to be the best. In my opinion, there isn’t a single best chocolate chip cookie. Instead, I find chocolate chip cookies to be something that is versatile in nature, allowing for each variation to be delicious in its own way. Furthermore, what might be a delicacy to some, might be utterly disgusting to others. Continue reading

Better than sex chocolate cupcakes

Today we’re going to be talking about the cupcakes that ranked number 2! These are a five part chocolate cupcake, and they are from the cupcake project over here. They have some pretty cool projects and I definitely plan on reblogging from them more often.

So the cupcake that ranked number two contained five different types of chocolate, heres a list for you all!

  1. Chocolate cupcake
  2. mini chocolate chips
  3. chocolate mousse
  4. chocolate ganache
  5. white chocolate drizzle

The result: our featured picture!

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