Peeling peaches in 2 minutes


Yesterday my grandparents came to visit me. They insisted on taking me grocery shopping. As we walked into Costco, a whiff of aromatic peaches hit me as I walked pass the aisle of goods they place near the entrance. I pulled the cart and started going backwards, eyeing the delicious fruits and grabbed two cases. Although they weren’t the cheapest peaches, they proved to be one of the juiciest peaches I’ve ever tasted.


When I went home, I knew I had to do something with these peaches except I didn’t know how to do anything with these peaches. I was feeling experimental since peaches weren’t something I enjoyed on a regular basis. I knew I had to try making something I’ve never made before. This ended up being peach cobbler.

My biggest problem: peeling the peaches. The peaches I had were ripe, soft, and juicy. There was no way I could take a fruit peeler without making a huge mess. I headed over to Our Best Bites, and thankfully Kate was able to give me some direction. Turns out her method works for basically any stone fruit including nectarines, peaches and even tomatoes. Thanks Kate!


How is this done? Simply bring a pot of water to a boil. Score the peaches gently with an “X”. Drop the peaches in the water for 30-45 seconds, longer if the fruit is harder, or less ripe, and drop it in a ice bath. Once its cool enough for your to grab it, all you need to do is rub or peel the skin from the X you marked. The peaches were so easy to peel, the skin was coming off as I picked each one up.


The end result? a perfectly peeled peach. I ended up having to eat a peach on the spot. I mean: I ended up  needing to test a peach to make sure they weren’t cooked by the water. (They weren’t).


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