NaBloPoMo, Challenge Accepted

This summer, I’ve decided to take the challenge and attempt to enroll myself in NaBloPoMo where bloggers are challenged to post daily on our blogs. This month, the theme for NaBlPoMo is Kids, where the recommended themes to get us going are regarding our own childhood.

As I’m sitting here, at 3 AM in the morning, I’ve decided that this summer I have decided to better myself as a blogger, as a chef, and as a photographer. This summer, I want to make the dedication to my followers that I will post on a daily basis.

Ideally, I’ll be able to keep this related to my blog, and answer the prompt in a way thats related to my cooking. If I can’t address the prompt creatively, don’t worry, I’ll be here to share a recipe with you always.

So that said, I encourage you fellow bloggers to sign up for this challenge, they are accepting submissions until July 5th. I ask everyone to check out the other bloggers on the blog roll. And finally, I plead for your support in the coming month.

NaBloPoMo July 2012

By the way, here’s a preview of whats coming later today…

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