Hello world!

Talk about a typical first post. To get this blog started, lets talk about my two favorite tools in cooking.

1. A silicon spatula

2. A pyrex glass bowl

With all seriousness, I believe that they are a staple to any kitchen.

I’ve used my spatula to stir, mix, fold, cook…. I mean I probably use it more than its designed for but it is one of the most versatile “stirring” item in the kitchen. It also helps when I’m trying to get that last drop of brownie batter into the pan.

My pyrex bowl… I don’t know what I wouldn’t do with it. I’ve eaten in it, baked in it, cooked in it…. I mean don’t put it over a fire but there is so much you can do and since the glass is smooth, its perfect when you are trying to whip up some whipped cream and meringue.

Look forward to my next post soon!!!

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